CDC037: Development and Setup of an Inline Holography System

The idea of this workshop comes from UC2, a project being developed by Benedict Diedrich and René Richter, doctoral students from my work group (Heintzmann Group, IPHT-Jena). UC2 is a modular framework to build optical systems based in 3D printed cell units.


Low costs and simple setup assembly are some of the advantages that make this project suitable for educational purposes. The aim of the workshop is to discover the wave nature of light and to build a compact microscope that makes use of light's ability to interfere.


The workshop teaches how a complex three-dimensional part can be created with a few steps using 3D printing, which then serves as the basis for the electronic components with which the microscope is to be built. The biological aspect of this workshop will stimulate the creativity of the participants to find their own samples, prepare them and image them with the microscope.


The digital reconstruction of the hologram will be done using open source tools such as Python.


 Alejandra Zegarra (Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology)

Instructor nacional en proceso de convocatoria 


 July 21 to 27, 2019


Location:        Universidad Continental  (Huancayo, Perú)

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